I am a happily married wife and mother of three wonderful adult children.  Being home for them was always my joy and priority.  As they grew into wonderful young adults, I found time to pursue my organizational passion.

As a child I lived among clutter and chaos, so no amount of "stuff" surprises or overwhelms me.  My desire is that you, too, will know the peace of simplicity and be free from the burdens of managing - or avoid the managing - of "things".

Contact me today so I can see the scope of your project and give you an on-site estimate.  You will be surprised what can be done in just a couple hours!  Your first step to organized living is to click the "Contact Us" tab at the top of this page.

About Me

It has been said that when you love your job, you do not just have a career, but a passion.  I LOVE MY JOB!  Sorting, organizing, packing, unpacking, finding just the right place for everything IS my passion.
My supportive family

I really want everyone to experience the freedom and peace that comes from having just what you really need and love surrounding you, and nothing more.  I personally live a fairly simple life and spend very little time maintaining my stuff.  I firmly believe our stuff as Americans has taken us hostage.  We spend so much time maintaining our stuff we have little energy left for relationships.

After assisting you in sorting what is important to you I can assist you in organizing your possessions in a simplistic and affordable way.  There are plenty of closet organizers and organizing stores out there willing to sell you thousands of dollars of shelves and organizational systems.  That is not what I do.  I can inexpensively use what you already have and create space that you will love.  You will always remember where everything is and be able to find it.

Whether you just want me to help you get started and provide ideas and inspiration or you want me to help you organize your entire house, I will do as much as you need and no more.  

With rates as low as $50 per hour, I want my services to be affordable for everyone.